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    Is China safe for tourists?




    Parag Kathare

    Absolutely safe , I went to China couple of times and visited Shanghai, gounzhau, Kaiping villege. I can go out at night any time for eat, walk or drink. In fact at night there are some local street restaurants, full of crowd for BBQ or hotpot. Shanghai pretty good , i lost my way to hotel, people there guide me and helped me to go to my hotel. In main cities people speak or know English very well but if you go to visit some rural area, you may find some difficulties in speaking with locals. Most of the taxi drivers doesn't know English , I would suggest hire licensed taxi and get help from local to write address in Chinese to show driver Or you can use map anyways. So do not worry , you will like China as I do and must try local cousins like hot pot , BBQ ( char siu), many other varieties of food



    Ajay Kumar, B. Tech Information Technology & Computer Science, Dr. A.P.J. Abdul Kalam Technical University (2012)

    China is a fascinating and diverse country which is generally a safe country to visit. It welcomes more than 100 million tourists a year and lays claims to being the fourth most popular destination in the world. Its economy has been booming for years and its interest to the outside world, heightened by the Summer Olympics of 2008, appears to be increasing as well. While there are precautions one should take when traveling to and around China is one among the most secure tourist destinations

    译文来源:三泰虎  http://www.bnxr.icu/47638.html  译者:Joyceliu



    Andrew Orr, studied International Business & Mandarin Chinese

    Yes. From a violent crime standpoint, China is one of the safest countries in the world you can visit as a tourist.

    You still have to have common sense, and of course women should exercise a little more caution than men, but overall it’s incredibly safe for anyone, men and women alike.

    While physical safety may not be as much of a concern, tourists visiting China for the first time who speak no Chinese and give clues they don’t know their way around and don’t understand how things work in China are prime targets for scammers. I briefly talked about scammers in my answer to “what is a rookie mistake when visiting China?”





    Derek Harkness, Living and working in China since 2006.

    Yes China is safe for tourists. There is no more danger to you here than in another European or North American area and possibly much less danger than many. There are the usual scams and pick pockets in cities but no more or less than anywhere else in the developed world. You can come to China, have a good time, meet the local people, eat some good food, drink some beer, see the sights and return home with only the normal level of caution such that you would use in any other location



    Mark Evison, Lived worked travelled China 7yrs. Probably not again thanks

    Very safe in some terms - you won't get mugged, stabbed or shot (think London or new york), and in a way you can do whatever you like, especially as you'd be a foreigner..

    If you do have an accident or require help, people will often stand around looking at you, rather than actually call an ambulance. If you get to a hospital it will be full of thousands of sick people and their many accompanying relatives (unless you luck out and get into a foreign department).

    It's an interesting, unique and very weird country and culture!





    Mark Fudemberg, Macduffie International School (2016-present)

    I have lived in Beijing for 5 years now and feel safe anytime and anywhere.

    If you are visiting, a couple of tips:

    1.Only take metered taxis. In tourist areas, renegade or black taxis will badger you. They are twice the price. If you can, download the Didi app do. It’s a taxi service which is the cheapest. You can use English and it translates to Chinese and the driver’s messages translate to English. And, you can reserve a car if you know you'll go.

    2.In the highly traveled tourist areas, watch for scams. The best thing to do is ignore and keep walking. I’ve taken to answering in Spanish which does the trick.

    Enjoy your stay







    Nancy MacKay, writer who travels for pleasure and inspiration

    I just returned from China yesterday, and I can reply with confidence that China is extremely safe, more so than in my U.S. home in the San Francisco Bay Area. I traveled to Beijing, Xi'an, Changsha, ZhangJiaJie, and Shanghai. Everywhere I found people courteous and respectful.



    V.nagasanthosh Reddy, Software engineer at Microsoft (2009-present)

    100% safe compared to any country , I am an indian working in shanghai and often times I see both men and women walk across the streets alone after work even in midnight. just think in how many countries is it possible ? for me none except china .

    being foreigner you get lot of perks from local Chinese and they are so friendly than anyone , ofcourse watch for the spammers ( as they are every where in the world) . go ahead and plan a travel in china , otherwise you will surely miss something .




    Graham Harrison, Widely travelled.

    If you walk down the stairs in your house are you safe? You might say “of course” but accidents in the home are a major source of injury. Safety is never absolute but so long as you recognise that fact China is probably safer than many other countries.

    If I had to issue some cautions then:

    1.Air quality in many cities can be very, very bad.

    2.Remain aloof from Chinese life. I don’t mean be unfriendly, just don’t get involved.

    3.Be aware of where you are when taking photographs. Tourist sights, fine. You probably won’t get near to anything they don’t want photographed but be aware.







    Christopher Field, works at Not Anymore

    A few years ago my Daughter and myself travelled in China as "Backpackers" (nothing organised) from the border with Mongolia to the southern island of Hainan. During our 3 months we experienced only gentle kindness with interest from the Chinese people with the exception of meeting a con woman who ran the "Tea Shoppe" scam. Nothing serious other than a bit of overcharging the "Tourists". I have experienced worse in Europe. So I encourage you go. Most of my preconceived ideas about China were shattered, for the good.



    Ryan Fernandez, Visited both North and South Korea

    Baring a few scams that other people have covered, I'll say yes. Probably safer than most other countries.

    I think that Chinese are more or less honest. I've never been overcharged, or really scammed. You might be overcharged, but haggling is expected.

    Plus, outside of major cities, you'll probably be there only foreigner in the area, which adds a surprising level of visibility. Nobody wants to be “the person that scammed/harmed the foreigner.”

    Case in point, when my wife and I got married, one of my friends wandered off and got lost. She spoke no Chinese, and some random person noticed her, and a 12-year-old girl wanted to help, so she spoke with her, and in broken English called the four hotels that were allowed to host foreigners. She found it, and brought her back. My find had a good time, and the girl got to practice her English.






    Bill Lawton

    Let's start, perhaps, not with specific security rules and threats, but with undeniable facts: firstly, China is a very safe country, much safer than Russia and many other European countries, and secondly, the Chinese still treat foreigners friendly, often with an emphatic respect - China is still learning and equals to the West. There is also another factor. The Chinese themselves are a nation, to put it mildly, cautious

    So, if you are thinking to visit China, there is not something that can stop you from that. It will be a great experience for you.




    Matthew Miller, American living and working in China.

    China is one of the world's safest countries. I have been living here in China for four years now, and I would feel comfortable almost anywhere at any time of day or night. Violent crime is almost nonexistent in China. There is some petty theft and scams, but almost nothing more than that. China is superbly, extremely safe for tourists and anyone else, and the vast majority of Chinese people are very welcoming and helpful



    Raymond K. Cunningham, former Certified Records Manager at Institute of Certified Records Managers (1997-2019)

    China is one of the safest places I have been in the world and I enjoy traveling there for that reason. I have not feared once going anywhere in China including the rural areas, crowded transport, or the major cities. I have always been treated well, sometimes embarrassingly so and as some have pointed out foreigners are safer than locals.

    In short I love China and would love to live there. I go as often as I can.




    Brian Smith, Have an 1 year expat life experience in China

    Yes, it's quite safe. You can, for example, go buy water after midnight when city lights turned off and nobody will even try to borther you whether you are girl or guy.



    Sam Katse, Strategy Consultant in Life Sciences + Healthcare.

    China is very different from America or Europe. Women of all ages seem to be going around with no fear whatsoever at all times. So tourists shouldn't have much to worry about other than the traffic or getting ridiculously overcharged here and there.

    People are helpful. Find a school-going kid if you need a translator from English to Chinese.




    White Dear

    For the north part of China, ppl are not usually like Japanese. They are not as friendly as you want, however, they would respect decent ppl wherever they come from. They won't hurt Japanese. If you go to Shanghai, it would be more friendly. Since Japanese culture is more popular here. When traveling in small town in other place, be careful, laking of Chinese language could always make u lost...



    Spencer Wynn, Photographer | Educator | Visual Journalist

    Originally Answered: Is China safe?

    I am a Westerner living in Canada who has been to China on 10 different occasions. I have stayed/visited in the major cities, deserts and small remote villages around the country. One of the defining aspects I feel when in China is safety. The other is hospitality.

    As a photographer, I shoot during the day, and at night. I have never once felt any unease or sense of danger when shooting alone in any part of Chine, regardless of where I was.




    Dustin Carr

    I spent four months in China in 2012. Here is one observation I have. It is normal to see women walking alone after dark in all parts of major cities, including dark alleys or construction areas. I'm talking about normal professional women or students. Think about that. If you live in the USA, you know that there are few places where a woman would feel safe walking around after dark, even in rural areas.

    China is indeed very safe.




    Smith John, former Operations Manager

    After reading all of the post here, I make a conclusion. In sum, it is your right choice to come to China, including Hong Kong, Taiwan, Macau for touring, doing business, working.

    I went go Guangzhou for expo. At late night after 12:00,I went down my hotel. Many people play and eat in the street, restaurant. A several western beauty sat in a open restaurant, named 大排檔, eating Sichuan style noodle. I find it is interesting




    Manuel Gómez, former C.E.O. & President Management Consultant Company (1981-2010)

    Do not ask yourself if China is safe for tourists. Ask yourself if tourists are safe for China. Are the cities prepared to "resist" the tourists ???



    Adi Komari, Backpacked around the world for a year. 30+ countries in lifetime.

    It’s relatively safe! Generally, the only issue you’d have is get scammed or overpay for things.

    I was in China almost 2 years ago and nearly got into trouble with the “Black Taxi” people for refusing to get into the car with them.

    Just make sure you look out for yourself and stay cautious. There have been stories (I know they are real because I know them and there were some evidence), where people had gotten mugged. Stay away from the guys offering massages on the street, stick to registered taxi, etc.

    I’d go back anytime






    Christian Kober, Having lived in China for 17 years

    China is one of the safest country you can travel to. I have been to very remote places, I have been at all times of the day and of the night around in most places in Shanghai and nothing ever happened. And women travelers are just as safe. If I could rank China in terms of safety for the international traveler, I would rank it higher then all western countries and nearly as safe as Japan.

    Just beware of the traffic.




    Ryan Davidson, Web programmer and Biotech major

    I lived in Nanjing for 6 months in 2004. It seemed quite safe, safer than the US, though all the usual safety rules apply. There are people there who will drug a woman's drink, just like in the US. One of my friends was chased by a Chinese guy. I don't think her experiences are representative, though, and I feel that Nanjing was a very friendly place to be.


    三泰虎原创译文,禁止转载!:首页 > 美国 » 游客在中国玩安全吗,外国网友:我们只感受到中国人民的善意和好奇


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